Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hula Girls ~ Treats for everyone

My daughters cheerleading coach introduced us to Hula Girls.  It is right up the road from my house and they serve homemade milkshakes, icecream (did I mention they have 25 flavors), slushies, homemade cheesecake, and old fashion bottled drinks.  For the past 3 days I have been.

On Monday ~ I went with my Aunt, we wanted to check it out and we did .... had icecream for lunch and then walked down the street and had a hot dog too.

On Tuesday ~ I thought I would surprise Connor, my 6 year old.  After picking him up from kindergarten I said "Mom you did not turn the right way to go home"  he is so observant to where we are going.  I said I know sweetie I am taking  you to get a surprise, since it was just he and I.  Took him there and his eyes just lit up.  So sweet.  He has such a big heart, even though the trip was just for him, he purchased everyone bottled drinks and his brother some icecream.  He enjoyed his sweet treat and could not wait to return again. 

On Wednesday ~ Made my rounds picking up the boys, not quite time to get Courtney from cheerleading yet so we come straight home after school and done a few chores.  Then my little one come to me after being home about 10 mins.  and said so sweet I might add "Mommy it is my turn to go to Hula Girls today".  So I said I tell ya what, now keep in mind it is only 4:30 p.m., I said you and your brother go get your bath and after we get Courtney we will go to Hula Girls.....Can you believe my boys got their bath that early, it was so pretty outside.  I tried to get them to play but they wanted a bath and a trip to Hula Girls.  So bath time it was and boy it went smooth.  No fussing, arguing or fighting....just a great bath.  The boys got out put their PJ's on and out the door to get Courtney.  We waited in line, got Courtney.  Then errands I still had to do before getting to the famous Hula Girls.  I ran in the grocery store and the tractor store too, the pig had to have some feed, went to farm to drop feed off and then we were off to Hula Girls.  If I thought for one minute that Connors eyes were glowing when I took him, well Carter (my clown) is another story.  His eyes glowed the whole time he was there.  He could not believe everything that they had to choose from.  I know the little guy that works at Hula Girls are wondering how many people is this woman going to bring on Thursday and the answer is none today......busy day ahead.  Courtney has a game this afternoon, payroll at the office and a weekend in to start planning.  Until Next Time ~ MH


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