100 Things About Me

  1. I have 3 kids
  2. All of my kids names start with the letter “C”
  3. I love Thirty One Products
  4. I love to paint pottery
  5. I am not ticklish
  6. Italian is my favorite food
  7. I use to work in Tobacco
  8. My birthday is in September
  9. I drive a Suburban
  10. I love to plan birthday parties
  11. I love to make birthday invitations
  12. I do not like colored fingernail polish on my fingernails
  13. My weakness is a chocolate Heath Bar
  14. I hate doing laundry (Thank You for my house keepers)
  15. I like to clean the bathrooms
  16. I love the smell of Clorox
  17. My favorite store is Lowes
  18. I got braces when I was in 9th grade
  19. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother
  20. Christmas is my favorite holiday
  21. I have never been on a crusie
  22. I own a Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner ( I love it)
  23. My favorite colors are Black and White
  24. My boys and husband have the same middle name
  25. I do not like to read
  26. I wear size 6 shoe
  27. I love to decorate
  28. I love the Lord
  29. I designed a piece of furniture in my home
  30. I sell Aloette  Make-up / Skin Care Products
  31. I love any Victoria Secret perfume or lotion
  32. I just learned how to make homemade jelly
  33. I clean my best in the middle of the night
  34. I never fry any foods
  35. I only like powdered eyeliner
  36. My first public job was at Wal-Mart
  37. I have lived in NC my whole life
  38. I like to travel
  39. I do not like gold jewelry
  40. I do not like fish but I love shrimp
  41. I have a dog named Copper (Another “C”)
  42. I only work 2 minutes from my house
  43. My favorite fast food is Subway
  44. I like un-sweet tea
  45. I do not like diet drinks
  46. UNC is the BEST
  47. I do not like beer
  48. I love to shop
  49. I love flip flops
  50. My favorite clothing color is black
  51. My appliances are black in my kitchen
  52. I love my front loading washer and dryer
  53. My boys still sleep with me
  54. I love any type of ice cream
  55. I love yard sales
  56. I once chaired the Relay for Life in two different counties
  57. I do not own a North Face Jacket ~ Just don’t like them for me….
  58. One of my bathrooms is painted Leap Frog Green
  59. I never wash my own car
  60. I love Yankee Candles
  61. I can not read maps
  62. I love shopping for children’s clothing
  63. My mailbox has polka dots on it
  64. I have a personalized license plate for my car
  65. I hate having my blood drawn
  66. I love getting a hair cut
  67. I love having my head scratched
  68. I dislike drinking out of a plastic cup
  69. I have just started collecting “Willow Tree”
  70. I love crushed ice
  71. I love crushed ice
  72. I love crushed ice
  73. I loooooovvvvveeee crushed ice!!!!!!!
  74. My favorite kind of music is Country
  75. I like it to be totally dark when I go to sleep
  76. I would rather be cold than hot
  77. I love to wrap presents
  78. I love going to the beach
  79. I love the smell of tanning lotion with a coconut smell
  80. I love laying in the tanning bed
  81. I love rainy days
  82. When it snows, I always make snow cream
  83. I am a bargain shopper
  84. I always tell you what I am thinking
  85. I rededicated myself to the Lord on October 25, 2010
  86. I iron my boys underpants….they get dressed faster
  87. I have no green thumb….I kill all flowers I touch
  88. I love tomato sandwiches with mayo
  89. I do not like flat keys on a keyboard….raised ones please
  90. I love volunteering at school
  91. I take my Christmas tree down the day after Christmas
  92. I love to do scrapbooking
  93. I like to collect pocket books
  94. I am a morning person
  95. I eat beef that was raised on our farm
  96. I like dark furniture
  97. I love getting surprises
  98. I love the smell of mens Polo Black
  99. I love Black Friday Shopping
  100. I just started Blogging in October 2010 and I LOVE it!!!!

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