Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Weekend Road Trip

This past Thursday, Andy and I loaded up the Suburban with the kids and left for the beautiful state of Tennessee and headed to Dollywood with some friends of ours.  We love taking trips to the mountains, especially since this is where Andy and I got married.  :-) 

This trip started out very good....

It did not take me long to pack for this trip.  After all of our luggage was in the back of the Suburban, I looked and we had so much room.  I thought to myself we are missing something. 

Wait a minute....I know......we are missing a stroller, lots of toys, extra luggage from extra kids, floats and cooler. 

When you do not have all of this in the back of a car, wow,,,,,,,there is ROOM! 

This is the first trip that we have ever taken away from home that I did not have a stroller.  It was kinda sad!  :-(  My babies are growing up and no longer need a stroller. 

Our trip down to Dollywood was great.  We stopped at K&W Cafeteria for a great dinner!  Everyone eat great and all tummies were full! 

On the road again....it is now around 8:30 at night and we still have 4.5 hours to go.  The boys are busy playing their game boys and Courtney was busy playing on her laptop.  Our trip was going great.  One stop for a bathroom break and one change up in drivers and we were finally arrived.

We stayed at The Wilderness Lodge!!  It was awesome!  Perfect view of some mountains, indoor water park, convenient to lots of shopping!  Wouldn't you know this place has a bunk-bed type bed above a queen bed.  You know it .... the boys were fighting over who was going to have the top bunk.  Well thank God they decided to share and both of them could sleep up there.  Needless to say if Connor would have just give in once Carter got really sleepy he would not want to be there.  You know he wants to be right near his Mommy!  :-0 

Bed time come and Connor and Courtney slept by themselves and Carter with Andy and I.  He is the baby so that is O.K. 

Wake up call on Friday morning.....7:00.  Our friends Amy and Robbie have the sweetest little girl and she is our automatic alarm clock on vacation!  After everyone showered and had few fights, off to Dollywood we went. 

You will never guess who was there......Santa Clause......we eat breakfast at Dollywood and Santa came over to visit the children at our table.  He was dressed in normal clothing and was jolly as ever.  He gave the children a naughty / nice card.  All of them received a nice check mark.  He should have followed us around Dollywood and they would have give him a few reasons to change his mind.

After spending the whole entire day at Dollywood the crew was tired.  We all wanted to crash.  We headed back to the resort and went straight to dinner.  The kids were so excited they could hardly eat.  They sit us right in front of the indoor water park.  Carter says .... this is the life.  All of the kids gazed at the window looking out.  They were so amazed at what they saw and to be honest, I was too. 

Dinner, well lets just say it was a bit expensive for what we got but it was good.  After we all were stuffed Andy and Robbie headed to the Bass Pro and Amy, the 4 little ones and myself headed to make Pottery at the Polka Dot Shop!  Boy did we make some great Christmas presents!  They had to literally run us out of the shop.  We stayed until closing and still did not finish.

Saturday morning, well Amy beat me up.  We had to go finish our pottery and The guys were responsible for feeding the kids.  So now all of the pottery is done and its time for the water park.  This place was amazing.  We got Andy on his first family ride on the water slides.  I don't think he will ever do it again!  I really had to do some talking to get him to go on the slide.  Each time we take a trip to the mountains we get Andy to try a new adventure.  In the fall of last year we got Andy on the "Mystery Mine" his first roller coaster!  He never will get on one again.  The kids enjoyed the park and loved every minute of the water time!

Saturday night we did dinner at the Apple Barn ~ Best food ever.  After that we went over to the outlets shopping for some much needed clothing for the boys.  Then you know it, back to the resort to start packing up for our trip back home.

Well when all of our little House Family laid their heads down, all bags were packed and all luggage was on the luggage cart.  They were prepared to get home and go Trick-r-Treating. 

Sunday morning, we got up had another great meal at the famous Apple Barn then back to the hotel to pick up the pottery that we had made and then we are on our way home.

Now when we go places I do not do much driving....Directions and me = Do not get along!  I start out on the interstate and Andy tells me to stay straight....Well I stayed straight!  Andy wakes up and says where are we.  I said I don't know I tried to wake you up and tell you the GPS was going crazy and wanted me to turn around but you said stay straight.  Needless to say....I did no do anymore driving. 

We made it home safe and happy and we all had FUN!!!

My New Blog Makeover

I am so exited over my new blog makeover!!! 

Do you realize how much thought goes into the designing of a new blog.  I only had one thing in mind when I started I knew that I wanted a black and white background.  Had no clue how I wanted the rest of my page. With the help of Tara at Princess at Pig Tails Design my blog is now something that I LOVE!  So for any of you that are need an inexpensive blog makeover head over to her place and check things out!  She does a great job and it is a quick turn around.  I love my button that she created!!!  My blog is perfect now and I could not have asked for a better job! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Eyes in the back of my head

On this past Thursday it was rush, rush, rush at my house to try and get the kids ready for school and you can guarantee Carter is only 1 step behind me.  In the middle of all of the rushing around trying to make sure all lunches are packed, everything is in the backpacks, snacks have been added, clothes have been ironed and put on and shoes are on the right feet I have someone attached the whole entire time.  Guess Who?  Still my little Carter!!!!

I go in the bathroom to finish putting my make-up on still rushing around saying boys you know it is almost time to leave, come let me brush your hair again. 

After getting all ready for the day I proceed to my bedroom and yes, Carter is still there!

I slip my housecoat off and start to get dressed.  I put my jeans on and at this point Carter has gone to look for something to take for Show and Tell at preschool.  So I am alone for 30 seconds.  So anyway I have my jeans, socks, and tennis-shoes on and I was getting ready to put my shirt on.  Little did I know I had someone right behind me again.

Putting your shirt on requires you to lift your arms and when you life something it has to come back down....I lifted my arms and slid my arms in my shirt, about the time I started bringing my arms down I felt this little tapping feeling on my hip.....it was Carter.....it was too late.  I had knocked him in the head when I brought my hands down. 

I felt so bad I had just knocked my son in the head! 

I said oh baby are you okay?  Mommy is so sorry! 

He said:   I am O.K., but Mommy why did you hit me?

I replied:  I did not know you were there.

He said:   But Mommy, why? 

I replied:   I could not see you.

He said:   But Mommy, you have eyes in the back of your head.

I replied:   I do, but they were shut because I was getting dressed.

He said:   Well Mommy leave them open next time so you can see me.

I love this little guy!   And the rest of the weekend you can bet your bottom dollar he was right there beside me everytime I started to get dressed, cook, clean, put my make-up on and so on!!!!  He is such a Mommy's Boy and at this point in my life.....That is PERFECTLY O.K.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Survey's = Saving Money

The more places I go the more I am starting to notice the back and bottoms of my receipts.  On a certain day you can get $5.00 if you take the survey to let us know how you liked shopping at our store and 15% off your entire purchase for 5 minutes of your time.  More and more stores are starting to use these surveys as a tool but also to help their customers save money.  I have decided that I am going to try and be more dedicated to these surveys.

In the past 2 weeks I have saved the following:

1.  JcPenneys ~ 15% off of my entire purchase.....
2.  Dollar General ~ $5.00 off my purchase of $25.00 or more, and I am registered for the $1,000.00 monthly give away.
3.  Belks ~ $10.00 off coupon
4.  Burkes Outlet ~ 5.00 off coupon
5.  Gap ~ 20% off of my purchase
6.  Logans ~ Earned a FREE dessert

All of these savings come from the surveys.....and just a few minutes of my time.  From now own I plan to be more observant of the savings that are available to me. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

**My Weekend**

What a busy weekend!!!  On Saturday, I actually slept til 11:30.  This is not normal!  Andy and Connor had planned to get up on go Turkey hunting on Saturday morning in VA.  This weekend was youth turkey day.  The boys got up at 5:00, I made them hot chocolate for the trip and sent them on their way.  I thought I would never be able to go back to sleep.  I watched TV, cuddled up to Carter, and then I started thinking of all the things I need to be doing.  Thats what done it....I finally fell back asleep.  It was great to sleep in so late.  My kids (all 3 of them) are the type if I am laying in the bed then they dont mind sleeping in.  So it was so nice to sleep in.  Courtney, Carter and myself got up, made cinnamon rolls and then started our day.  I still can't beleive that I slept so late!  The turkey hunting trip to VA resulted in no kill this time however, I think they did see a turkey just not able to make it work out this time.  This is the first year Andy and the boys have been interested in hunting so I am sure to post some good blogs on hunting.....from the MOM's point of view.

My Surburban was beyond help, since it is black it needs a daily wash but, I am lucky to squeeze a monthly wash in.  So we travel over to Sunwash and sometimes I feel like they run the other way when they see me comming.  I told them at the carwash I really needed some help.  A couple weeks ago my little Carter, 4, took a quarter and made several swirls on the door of my car.  He said he was just trying to make my car shiney like the quarter.  Well now my car needs a serious wax job and it is not even 6 months old.  Needlesss to say I will be taking it to have a wax job this week.  I can't beleive I was very calm with Carter when I come around the corner and saw what he was doing.  I just screamed Carter NOOOOOOO!  I think my mom could have hear me all the way in LaGrange.  :) 

As my day continues on Saturday, Courtney has a cheer stunt camp.  We go and drop her off at the school for the afternoon.  I think that the stunt camp really kicked her butt!  She is so sore, sleeping on the heating pad and taking tylenol too.  I guess she got a good work out. 

Now to my favorite part of Saturday we all get dressed up and off to celebrate my nephew Riley's 1st Birthday!!!  I was so blessed to be a part of celebrating this special day with him.  As I recall last year this time, I spent over a week in the hospital with my sister waiting on the arrival of little Riley.  I would work all day, come home feed my own kids, check homework, lay out clothes, have a small conversation with hubby and off to the hospital I went to stay the night.  I pulled the night duty and mom pulled the day time duty.  I was very blessed to see Riley come into this world.  He is like a part of me even thought I am not his Mommy.  I love that little boy just like he is mine and my kids love him and want to keep him.  I quickly let them know he is sure welcome to come visit anytime, but he has to return home.  Celebrating Rileys 1st Birthday and watching my boys share this day with him was very special to me.  I am the kind of "Aunt" that loves to spoil him.  We got him the push around buggy with a handle on the back.  He LOVES it and I knew he would. 

Part II of my weekend to come later today.  Gotta go get kids ready for school.......

Thursday, October 14, 2010

~ Brag about him ~

My first contest I have entered......Head over to "The Vintage Pearl" to enter for a chance to win a $50.00 Gift Certificate.  I must say they have some beautiful items.  :)

First of all I would like to say that I just started blogging this week.  I get so excited knowing that I get to post something new about my life and family.  After seeing your contest to Brag about Him, I thought this might be the perfect time to BRAG on my hubby.  I am so in love with the man I am married to, might I add I am very lucky to have him.  My husband and I have 3 kids. Courtney, 13, Connor 6, and Carter 4.  Devoted husband, great provider and loving father are a few words that describe him perfectly.  He gives 110% to our marriage and family.  He and I both realize that you don’t have to have a lot of money to take family trips, or even buy the biggest house on the block, which I would love. He is a very devoted father to our children, never does he leave them behind, and he always takes them to work on our family farm, fishing,
and hunting, participates in school activities, works with them on their 4-H projects and even allows the kids to travel along for some of his less busy work days.  He believes in celebrating special occasions and tries his best to make them perfect.  My husband’s job requires him to travel a lot.  Every night that my husband is home he reads the boys their nightly devotion and tucks them for bed. When he does this I get my “ME” time to do what I like to. During the winter months he drives 500 miles home to see the kids and me on Friday afternoon, knowing that he has to turn around drive those same 500 miles back on Sunday to his work destination. He is type of hubby that helps me cook (best grill cook ever), clean, and washes clothes wait he not only washes them but he folds them too. He is very supportive of my goals and tries his best to make my dreams come true.  He still leaves me love notes and sends me text messages during the day to let me know how much he loves me.  I can honestly say that every night before he and I fall asleep he prays for us and he knows how much I love to have my head scratched and he does that for me every night.  He Loves me unconditionally and I never have to doubt his love for me and just knowing that he's there for me no matter what keeps me falling in love with him more and more each day.  He truly is my soul mate. I think God everyday for giving him to me and allowing me to share my life with such an amazing husband. 

Hula Girls ~ Treats for everyone

My daughters cheerleading coach introduced us to Hula Girls.  It is right up the road from my house and they serve homemade milkshakes, icecream (did I mention they have 25 flavors), slushies, homemade cheesecake, and old fashion bottled drinks.  For the past 3 days I have been.

On Monday ~ I went with my Aunt, we wanted to check it out and we did .... had icecream for lunch and then walked down the street and had a hot dog too.

On Tuesday ~ I thought I would surprise Connor, my 6 year old.  After picking him up from kindergarten I said "Mom you did not turn the right way to go home"  he is so observant to where we are going.  I said I know sweetie I am taking  you to get a surprise, since it was just he and I.  Took him there and his eyes just lit up.  So sweet.  He has such a big heart, even though the trip was just for him, he purchased everyone bottled drinks and his brother some icecream.  He enjoyed his sweet treat and could not wait to return again. 

On Wednesday ~ Made my rounds picking up the boys, not quite time to get Courtney from cheerleading yet so we come straight home after school and done a few chores.  Then my little one come to me after being home about 10 mins.  and said so sweet I might add "Mommy it is my turn to go to Hula Girls today".  So I said I tell ya what, now keep in mind it is only 4:30 p.m., I said you and your brother go get your bath and after we get Courtney we will go to Hula Girls.....Can you believe my boys got their bath that early, it was so pretty outside.  I tried to get them to play but they wanted a bath and a trip to Hula Girls.  So bath time it was and boy it went smooth.  No fussing, arguing or fighting....just a great bath.  The boys got out put their PJ's on and out the door to get Courtney.  We waited in line, got Courtney.  Then errands I still had to do before getting to the famous Hula Girls.  I ran in the grocery store and the tractor store too, the pig had to have some feed, went to farm to drop feed off and then we were off to Hula Girls.  If I thought for one minute that Connors eyes were glowing when I took him, well Carter (my clown) is another story.  His eyes glowed the whole time he was there.  He could not believe everything that they had to choose from.  I know the little guy that works at Hula Girls are wondering how many people is this woman going to bring on Thursday and the answer is none today......busy day ahead.  Courtney has a game this afternoon, payroll at the office and a weekend in to start planning.  Until Next Time ~ MH
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