About Me

I am a loving Mommy to 3 wonderful kids, Courtney, Connor and Carter, a Wife to an amazing husband, a Daughter, Sister and Friend to some of the best people in the world. It is my greatest desire to make our home a sanctuary for my family, to raise my children to love the Lord and put him first in their lives.
I am a very spurt of the moment kind of person.  Love going home to pack a bag and take off somewhere for the weekend!   
Some of the things that I love are:  Spending time with MY 3 KID'S AND HUSBAND, traveling with the kids and hubby, going to the beach, sunsets and rainy days, thunderstorms, snuggling with my husband, making my kids laugh, getting hugs, traveling, meeting new people, leaves falling, the smell of babies, smiles, laughing, dancing, saving money, a new pair of shoes, going shopping, learning, drinking a bottle of wine, cheese, unwrapping presents, hearing a really good song, hearing an old song that brings back memories, getting a hair cut, cooking, traveling, trying new foods, Bojangles, Chick-fil-A, Ragazzi's, Sandpipper, Sweet Tea, Pepsi, chocolate, giving presents, helping friends in need, giving to others, the smell of rain, the smell of clothes fresh from the dryer, freshly cut grass, cold weather, snow, putting on makeup, the smell of my husband, catching Andy's eye, candlelight dinners, animals, family,  passing slow drivers, a clean car, eating dinner with great friends, flip flops, kissing all 3 of my babies ouchies, watching Courtney cheer, show livestock and play softball, watching Connor play outside on the farm, play ball and show livestock, watching Carter grow more everyday and have him show me the new tricks and songs that he has learned and most of all I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!!  Black Friday shopping is at the top of my to do list the day after Thanksgiving!  It has been a tradition for me for 15 years now.  I LOVE it and I would not trade my shopping buddy for anything in the world.
I love to decorate at CHRISTmas time!  I have lots of decorations and I love to put everything out the Saturday after Thanksgiving!  We put up 2 Christmas Tree’s at our our house, one is a formal 9ft. tree, very pretty ornaments and bows and the other is our FUN tree, lots of homemade ornaments from the kids and snowmen! 
I love flip flops, if I find a pair I like I will buy at least 2 extra pair,  if I find a piece of clothing that I love  I will purchase one in every color,  decorating is one of my hobbies but, with 2 boys my home is not exactly like I want it.  One day!  My favorite food is lasagna and for dessert cheesecake of any sort will do! 
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