Monday, October 18, 2010

**My Weekend**

What a busy weekend!!!  On Saturday, I actually slept til 11:30.  This is not normal!  Andy and Connor had planned to get up on go Turkey hunting on Saturday morning in VA.  This weekend was youth turkey day.  The boys got up at 5:00, I made them hot chocolate for the trip and sent them on their way.  I thought I would never be able to go back to sleep.  I watched TV, cuddled up to Carter, and then I started thinking of all the things I need to be doing.  Thats what done it....I finally fell back asleep.  It was great to sleep in so late.  My kids (all 3 of them) are the type if I am laying in the bed then they dont mind sleeping in.  So it was so nice to sleep in.  Courtney, Carter and myself got up, made cinnamon rolls and then started our day.  I still can't beleive that I slept so late!  The turkey hunting trip to VA resulted in no kill this time however, I think they did see a turkey just not able to make it work out this time.  This is the first year Andy and the boys have been interested in hunting so I am sure to post some good blogs on hunting.....from the MOM's point of view.

My Surburban was beyond help, since it is black it needs a daily wash but, I am lucky to squeeze a monthly wash in.  So we travel over to Sunwash and sometimes I feel like they run the other way when they see me comming.  I told them at the carwash I really needed some help.  A couple weeks ago my little Carter, 4, took a quarter and made several swirls on the door of my car.  He said he was just trying to make my car shiney like the quarter.  Well now my car needs a serious wax job and it is not even 6 months old.  Needlesss to say I will be taking it to have a wax job this week.  I can't beleive I was very calm with Carter when I come around the corner and saw what he was doing.  I just screamed Carter NOOOOOOO!  I think my mom could have hear me all the way in LaGrange.  :) 

As my day continues on Saturday, Courtney has a cheer stunt camp.  We go and drop her off at the school for the afternoon.  I think that the stunt camp really kicked her butt!  She is so sore, sleeping on the heating pad and taking tylenol too.  I guess she got a good work out. 

Now to my favorite part of Saturday we all get dressed up and off to celebrate my nephew Riley's 1st Birthday!!!  I was so blessed to be a part of celebrating this special day with him.  As I recall last year this time, I spent over a week in the hospital with my sister waiting on the arrival of little Riley.  I would work all day, come home feed my own kids, check homework, lay out clothes, have a small conversation with hubby and off to the hospital I went to stay the night.  I pulled the night duty and mom pulled the day time duty.  I was very blessed to see Riley come into this world.  He is like a part of me even thought I am not his Mommy.  I love that little boy just like he is mine and my kids love him and want to keep him.  I quickly let them know he is sure welcome to come visit anytime, but he has to return home.  Celebrating Rileys 1st Birthday and watching my boys share this day with him was very special to me.  I am the kind of "Aunt" that loves to spoil him.  We got him the push around buggy with a handle on the back.  He LOVES it and I knew he would. 

Part II of my weekend to come later today.  Gotta go get kids ready for school.......


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