Monday, October 25, 2010

Eyes in the back of my head

On this past Thursday it was rush, rush, rush at my house to try and get the kids ready for school and you can guarantee Carter is only 1 step behind me.  In the middle of all of the rushing around trying to make sure all lunches are packed, everything is in the backpacks, snacks have been added, clothes have been ironed and put on and shoes are on the right feet I have someone attached the whole entire time.  Guess Who?  Still my little Carter!!!!

I go in the bathroom to finish putting my make-up on still rushing around saying boys you know it is almost time to leave, come let me brush your hair again. 

After getting all ready for the day I proceed to my bedroom and yes, Carter is still there!

I slip my housecoat off and start to get dressed.  I put my jeans on and at this point Carter has gone to look for something to take for Show and Tell at preschool.  So I am alone for 30 seconds.  So anyway I have my jeans, socks, and tennis-shoes on and I was getting ready to put my shirt on.  Little did I know I had someone right behind me again.

Putting your shirt on requires you to lift your arms and when you life something it has to come back down....I lifted my arms and slid my arms in my shirt, about the time I started bringing my arms down I felt this little tapping feeling on my was was too late.  I had knocked him in the head when I brought my hands down. 

I felt so bad I had just knocked my son in the head! 

I said oh baby are you okay?  Mommy is so sorry! 

He said:   I am O.K., but Mommy why did you hit me?

I replied:  I did not know you were there.

He said:   But Mommy, why? 

I replied:   I could not see you.

He said:   But Mommy, you have eyes in the back of your head.

I replied:   I do, but they were shut because I was getting dressed.

He said:   Well Mommy leave them open next time so you can see me.

I love this little guy!   And the rest of the weekend you can bet your bottom dollar he was right there beside me everytime I started to get dressed, cook, clean, put my make-up on and so on!!!!  He is such a Mommy's Boy and at this point in my life.....That is PERFECTLY O.K.


  1. Your blog is so cute Marsha! I love it. Mine is
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  2. Thanks Ashley!!! I just joined on to follow your blog. Now the chore is to keep it up!


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